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    surprise for me

    I don't get up that early, but I have been taking my dog out earlier in the day and for a shorter walk, always have water for him. I'm with Phoenix on the oysters. :p
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    Member banned for an off-topic thread?

    CatMom, you should have never engaged him, you obviously did not recognize that he was a troll and a spammer and he was playing you. But I don't expect all regular members to pick up on these things, although some do. Did you look at the video he posted with one of our presidents that was...
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    Wildlife Chat, News and Photos

    Wombat, what kind of birds are those? :)
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    Wildlife Chat, News and Photos

    Red Panda standoff. 🙃
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    My first egg!

    Congratulations Yeti, nice egg, is it a brown egg?
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    Pregnant dog very sick

    I have no advice for you, but I hope Yoko feels better soon. I never cared for a pregnant dog, but when one of my dogs was very sick and not eating, I fed him a raw egg mixed with a vitamin B50 complex capsule contents, and a couple of drops of liquid natural vitamin E. He was a medium sized...
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    surprise for me

    You're smart to keep a watchful eye, you can't depend on others to pay attention or keep their kids safe. :rolleyes:
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    surprise for me

    Good luck on your next doctor's visit, at least your eyes aren't worsening. Congrats on your new AC, sounds like a good one. We've been hot and in the 90, mowed my lawn today and had to call it quits, too hot. I'll finish up another day, supposed to get back to the 80s on the weekend, we'll...
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    What are you listening to?

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    Wildlife Chat, News and Photos

    Great shot Yeti, he looks very sweet! 🐸
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    Chickens are NOT good pets!!!!!!

    I think that roosters are not permitted in city and suburb environments because of their loud early morning crowing. You can't expect someone who owns a home in a city or suburb to be okay with the early morning noise. Out in rural areas where houses don't share a fence and are far apart, it's...
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    surprise for me

    Glad you got your Kindle Linda, and your daughter is helping you set it up. Good luck with the AC, we have a Frigidaire, small one in the bedroom and it works great. I like that brand, have had 2 freezers and a fridge and it's my preferred brand. How are your eyes feeling these days, hoping...
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    surprise for me

    That's great Linda, I thank him for his service. Looks like he'll have a very successful career, happy for the both of them. We just had a small wedding, justice of the peace, and happily married over 40 years later.
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    surprise for me

    That's great Linda, how thoughtful of them. Congratulations to Penny and Nathan on their marriage, I wish them many years of happiness together. ❤
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    Dog Did Well on His Vet Checkup

    Thanks Linda and Furballs, yes it is a relief when you find out your concerns were about nothing. I always worry in back of my mind since I've had pets in the past with hip dysplasia, kneecap problems, cancer, etc.
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    Dog Did Well on His Vet Checkup

    Thank you both! 💙
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    Dog Did Well on His Vet Checkup

    Took my dog in for a checkup on July 5th, he was limping slightly for a couple of steps after getting up from a long nap, but he walked, ran and jumped with no problems. Also, he recently had a tick bite on his nose and there was a bit of a bump there several weeks later. Vet gave him a...
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    Xylitol Warning

    Good tip Rose! There's xylitol in some toothpastes too, so if you have a cat that gets up on the counters and sinks, be careful of putting toothpaste on your brush and walking out of the room for any amount of time.
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    Forum Change

    They're not all cropped to be square as far as I can see, many of my photos are still in rectangular form just the way I posted them. Click on the individual picture, unless it was posted as a perfect square, it shouldn't show that way.
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    Chickens in Tutus

    Chicks and chickens wearing tutus. 🙃